How Search Engines Work in 2024?

How Search engine works in 2024

In Today’s Generation, almost Everyone uses search engines every day, and it has become part of life for everyone. to know more about how search engines work in 2024? dive into the following blog.

But Have You Ever Wondered How Search Engine Works?

What’s the back Process behind it?

Understanding Search engine Functioning is a crucial part if you are doing SEO On Your Website

Let’s Find Out How it Works

Here You Will Learn

  1. Search Engine Basics
  2. How Search engines Index your pages

1. Search Engine Basics

Let’s Start by Looking at search engine basics
How they work & How they earn money

The goal of The Search Engine – Every search engine aims to provide the best results and experience to its user.

Google Updates its algorithm now and then to remove bugs and Provide more and more better results to its users.

How Search Engine earns –

They Provide Two Types Of Search Results

  1. Inorganic Search – Paid Advertising
    Each time the user clicks a paid search result, the advertiser pays the search engine. This is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google Earn From This.
  2. Organic Search – SEO Works here
    This is all about Your Ranking Keywords and Quality Of your page.
    Search engine promotes the pages that provide more value to their users
Paid Search 
Organic Seach 
Digital Marketing

2. How do Search engines index Your Pages?

Search Engine has its process for building search indexes.

Here is How it Works

How Google builds it`s Search Engine
Crawling, Indexing 
Digital marketing

First Step – URL’s

The Process starts with URLs

Google Discover these URLs in Many Ways

  • From backlinks. Google has an index of hundreds of billions of web pages. If someone links to a new page from a known page, Google can find it from there.
  • From sitemaps. Sitemaps tell Google which pages and files you think are important on your site.
  • From URL submissions. Google lets site owners request the crawling of individual URLs in Google Search Console.

Second step – Crawling

A Google Bot which is known as Spider Visits Your URL and Inspect, this process is known as Crawling.

Third Step – Indexing

Indexing is the process Where Information is inspected By a Google Bot During the Crawling process gets added to search Index.

FUN FACT:- Google owns 91.43% of the search engine market. It can send you more traffic than other search engines, as it’s the one most people use.

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