Fundamentals Of SEO

Fundamentals Of SEO

Learning SEO From Scratch is Very Important if you want people to find your Website or Business Through Google

So Let’s Start From Basics – Fundamentals of SEO

we’ll cover the fundamental principles of SEO Including

  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO is Important?
  • Benefits of SEO
  • How to Start SEO as a Beginner?

What is SEO?

SEO which is also known as a Search Engine Optimization By which you can grow your website organically on search engines. By doing different SEO processes we can Rank Our Website On Google.

Why SEO is Important?

Almost Everyone from every niche has a Website on the Google Search Engine.
So How Can Google Decide who will be on the Top Rank?
Here comes a Point SEO by which You can Optimize your website By Following Guidelines By Google.
It will help you to show that your website Deserves more Ranking.

Benefits Of SEO :

There are usually 10 Search results That are displayed on Google Search Engine.

Most people click one of the first few search results, so higher rankings usually lead to more traffic.

So You have to find the best Way to Be in the Top 10 Ranking Position.

Top 10 Searches

SEO Traffic which is also known as Organic Traffic, is Free.

For Example, If You have 1,00,000 visitors on Your Website Per Month which are Coming Through organically you are Paying No amount For such Huge Traffic.

Same 1,00,000 Visitors You are getting from Ads, You have to Pay a Whooping $ 1000 To your Google Ads Account.

So SEO is Beneficial in Every Aspect.

Organic Traffic VS Paid Traffic

How to Start SEO as a Beginner?

It is Very Confusing if You are starting SEO at a beginner level

So Let Me Explain in a simple steps :

It Involves Mainly 5 Steps

  1. Keyword Research – From this you can find what people are searching for.
  2. Content Creation – Create an Engaging & Quality content for Audience
  3. On-Page SEO – Create A Crisp & clear content
  4. Link Building – Build Trustworthy Links with Other Website
  5. Technical SEO – It helps Search engine finds you on a website

Here How You Can Start By Following These 5 Steps

Will Elaborate on These Steps in Detail in the Next Further Blogs

Congratulations! You’ve completed our guide to mastering the fundamentals of SEO.

That’s Wrap-Up For Fundamentals Of SEO !!

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