How to Create SEO Content?

SEO content

If you want to rank on Google Search Engine then you need to create content that Searchers want. Let’s see How You can Curate SEO Friendly Content that Search Intent Wants.

The first thing we need to know is What is SEO Content ?

The Content which is designed to rank in Search Engines. The cotent can be a Blog, Product, or Landing Page.

Why SEO Content is Important To Search Engines?

Not every content on a search engine gets Traffic or ranking from Organic Search.
Only content that is SEO-friendly gets search engine visibility.

If you choose to write Proper Quality content about your niche that searchers want then you can easily get Search engine visibility.

Let’s Go Through the Process in Detail:

How to create SEO Content?

Let’s Go Through these steps in detail

Step 1 – Choose a Topic Related to your niche

Suppose you have ” Cake shop” Then you have to seed a keyword related to cakes on your web page.

The Seed Keyword Can be ” Red velvet cake Recipe”

You have to simply search the search volume and its keyword difficulty ( KD )

If it has a good traffic potential and Looks easy for ranking then seed into it.

Step 2 – Analyze Search Intent

Understanding search intent means figuring out what the user is going to search for Particular products or Services.

Then you have to figure out on your own what the consumer is thinking while searching.

And What their search intent is.

For Example, the search intent for cake shop is ” Best Cake shop near me “

To do this, analyze the top-ranking pages for the three Cs:

1. Content angle
2. Content Type
3. Content Format

For Example, the Best Cake shop near me has all the website pages Of Just Dial and Other Listing Platforms.

SEO content

Step 3 – Cover the Topic in Full

Analyzing What the User is Searching for gives you a high-level idea of this

You have to cover the whole Topic fully on your page

Look For Commonalities among top-ranking pages and analyze what keywords they are using.

Fill The Keywords where you are seeing a content gap.

And Try To over rank them.

Step 5 – Make it Unique

Don’t Copy content from the top pages

Copy Cat Content creates lots of problems, here is how you can solve them

Few Ways :

1. Provide Original research – Provide them with all the information they intend to.

2. Give unique Expert Opinion – The Expertise can come from you or any professionals in your industry

Key Takeaways:-

1. SEO content is content that is designed to rank in search engines.
2. All About giving what searchers want and what they are looking for.
3. Do this so that your content will rank

This is all about How to Create an SEO Content.

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