How To Find Keyword Ideas?

Keyword Ideas

In the Previous Blog, We Learned About What is Keyword Research. In This Blog, We Will See How to Find Keyword Ideas ??

Keyword Research is a Process where you have to understand consumers’ Behaviour and how they will Search for Your Product Or Service.

So You Have To Put Yourself in the shoes of your consumer.

To Understand Your Consumer Behaviour You have to be good in Two Things

1. Good Knowledge Of Your Industry
2. Good Knowledge Of Keyword Research Tools

So Having Good Knowledge of the industry can vary from person to person.

But Getting Good Knowledge Of Keyword Research Tools Can Be Done Easily By Learning From Us.

So Let’s Delve into it.

How to Find Keyword Ideas?


SEED KEYWORDS are the most important and Starting Point Of Your Keyword Research.

Basically, Seed Keywords Tells What Niche You belong to and Gives a Rough Idea of Your Business.

Keyword Research Tools Ask For Your Seed Keyword when you generate a Keywords List.

If You are already Owning a business then it will be easy for you to search Keywords.

For Example, You are Owning a Unisex Salon.

Then you know what type of customers are visiting your shop.

So You can easily Guess keywords like.

  • Best Salon Near Me
  • Best Unisex salon near me
  • Best Salon in My City

So You Can Easily Target Those keywords and Let Them Work For You.

As soon as you have a handful of broad Keywords ideas related to your business

You can Move Towards the Next Step.

STEP 2 – Competitors Ranking On Keywords

The number of keywords which already getting traffic from your Competitor’s Website is the best way to boost your Keyword Research Process.

Look For Those competitors By simply searching One of Your Keywords as an example Like ” Best salon near me”

Then Look who is ranking on the Front Page.

Try To Compete With Them By Different SEO Strategies that we will learn in upcoming Blogs.

STEP 3 – Use Keyword Tools

We Accept that Competitors can be great sources of your keyword ideas.

But we can miss some keywords by focusing on only one approach.

All keyword tools work in the same way, You Just have to put Seed Keyword and Extract all ideas of similar keywords

Let’s check the Google Keyword Planner Tool Which is free for all who are Using it For SEO Purposes and Google ads

Here are some keyword ideas that Google Keyword Planner has given me for the seed keyword “Best Salon Near Me”

keyword research

Google Keyword Planner helps you generate keywords that are related to your SEED KEYWORD

Like You Can See We Searched For the Seed Keyword – ” Best Salon Near me “

In A Relatable Option Google Keyword Planner Suggested – Best Hair Dresser, Etc

And from next time onwards whenever you discover a new seed keyword, Try To Get other Related keywords from Google Keyword Planner.

This is how you can use this Free Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Now Let’s move towards the Last Step.

STEP 4 – Get Depth Knowledge About Your Niche

All the things we looked into in above those Steps are Enough to generate Plenty of Keywords.

Browse into your industry forums and Try to gather more information about your niche.

Get Keyword ideas from your past or existing customers and Try To get deeper ideas from their searching Behaviour.

That’s Wrap Up For How To Find Keyword Ideas.

We Will Discuss More About Keywords and their Techniques in Next Blogs.

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