How To Analyse Keywords?

How To Analyse Keywords?

Getting millions of keywords Ideas is easy but how do you which will work best for your business?

Also working on all keywords together will be impossible as well as a hectic task for you.

In the Previous Blog, We learnt How To Find Keywords.

In this blog, we will See How To Analyse Keywords and Make Them Work For Your Business.

How To Analyse Keywords?

We Will Analyse Keywords With The Help Of SEO Metrics.

SEO Metrics Narrow Things Down and Remove Best Quality Keywords From The Bunch Of Quantity Keywords.

Let’s Learn all the metrics one by one

Metric 1 – Search Volume

Search Volume lets you know the average Number of times your keyword gets searched Monthly.

For Example “Tesla Car Price” Gets 18100 Monthly Searches From the US Only

Search Volume

Check Out this tool For a search Volume Checker

The 3 Important things you have to Know in Search Volume Metrics are :

1. The Number Of searches is Not The Number Of People Who Searched

    When one user searches the Same Keyword ( Weather of my current Location) multiple times then all search counts will be counted as Search Volume even if the same Person is searching it for multiple Times.

    2. Search Volume is an Annual Average

    If there are 12,000 Search Volume Annually For a Particular Keyword then As Per Monthly Keyword Volume it will be 1000 Per Month ( 12000/12 )

    3. Country Specific Volume

    Almost every keyword tool displays keyword Search volume for the selected Country.
    But Some of them also have an option for Global Search Volume which means Searches from all countries.

    Search Volume Filter

    – It helps you know keyword ideas with specific popularity like search Volume From High to Low Or Low To High.

    It Has Two Main Use Cases:-

    1. Filter Out Super High Volume Keywords :

    If you own a new site then, I suggest you not waste time looking for High Search Volume Keywords that are above 10k+ because they will be too competitive for you.

    2. Filter Out Specifically Low Volume Keywords

    You will get easy traffic for low-volume keywords if you have a new site.
    Just Sort Out low-volume keywords and make them targeted keywords.
    You have to choose the Long Tail Keywords for This. ]

    Search volume filter

    An example Of a Long Tail Keyword is How Long Does Tesla Run After Full Charge?

    Metric 2 – Keyword Difficulty

    Keyword Difficulty is How Difficult is to rank a particular keyword

    SEO professionals Majorly Gauge the ranking of keywords Manually, By looking at search volume manually.

    Many Different factors Play important roles in Judge how Hard or easy it will be to rank

    • Domain Rating
    • Number and Quality Of Backlinks
    • Content relevancy
    • Search Intent

    But these manual Processes vary from person to person
    Because one might think that domain rating is important and Another Person may think that content relevancy Matters.

    So it depends from person to person.

    Opinions may vary from What Types of niches They Are Searching for, because for different kinds of queries, Google gives preference to different things.

    After Analysing So Many Factors We Came To The Results, Keyword Difficulty Factor – Backlinks are Very Important.

    Domain Rating

    KD refers to the approximate quantity of connecting websites your page requires in order to rank in the top 10, as shown in the graphic above.

    Did you understand that?

    It’s not the approximate quantity of websites that link to you to rank first.
    It’s the approximate amount required to place in the top 10. Reaching #1 is a whole new fight.

    Metric 3 – Cost Per Click

    CPC which is also known as cost per click means how much advertisers are willing to pay for a click-on ad that is displayed on the top position of Google Search.

    This metric is more for Advertisers than SEOs

    For Example, The Keyword ” Tesla Car Near me ” has a CPC of $ 2.89 in the US Region

    Cost Per Click

    Check out this tool For Keyword CPC Checking –

    So we can Predict Keyword difficulty by Seeing its Cost Per Click.

    That’s a Wrap-Up For the Analysis of keywords.

    In the Upcoming blog, we will see how to target keywords.

    So Stay Updated For the SEO For Beginners Series.

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